www.rz-journal.de - by Georg Joergens und Perry Rhodan - published in PR. IV  327 - shown with friendly permission of the Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG, Rastatt

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The transportation network Terras does not only consist of air and water ways, but it enclosure also the person and transit tube systems of the large cities. While the person tubes are equipped with moving ribbons, the transit tubes are suitable only for vehicles, since they are vacuous for faster progressive movement possibility. Thus no friction forces and the vehicles develop can around a multiple faster drive. The shown transit tube vehicle is one of the typical tube vehicles, as they are built also for the private use. Additionally it is equipped with a tractorbeam emitter and a Paralysis canon, as they are entitled only to the forces of the Terra police.


Technical data:

Length: 10 m 

Diameter: 4.2 m 

Passenger: 5 persons 

maximum speed: 6660 m/sec. (twentyfold sonic velocity) 

transit tube diameter: 8 m

  1. Traktor beam emitter

  2. Paralysis canon

  3. Energy tap utility

  4. Energycarrier for the tubetrain

  5. Tube connecting ring

  6. Energycarrier-scanner (technical control device to the measurement of the density of traffic)

  7. Lifesupportsystem with pressure neutralizer

  8. MHD drivefield generator

  9. Autarkic system for power supply 

  1. Field projector for side stabilization

  2. Carriertrak with informationsupport for the tubetrain

  3. Sewer port

  4. Cabin with sanitary cab

  5. Terrapolice symbol

  6. Cockpit with pilot seat and autopilot system

  7. Centralskid with infotakersystem

Georg Joergens